On The Move

A practical guide for anyone thinking of buying or selling their home. 

Step by step guide covering all areas from making the offer, to the sale agreement, the settlement process and applying for a loan.

Also includes comprehensive checklists to you don't miss out any important step as well as details on how to protect your assets and when you also need to consider a relationship property agreement, of a family trust or a will at the same time to help secure your asset.

Topics covered:

Real estate agents
Making an offer
  • Applying for a loan

  • Application fees

  • Future plans

  • Moving budget

The Sale Agreement
  • Conditional or unconditional offers

  • Deposit

  • Confirming finance

  • Choosing a settlement date

  • LIM Report

  • Pre-purchase building inspection

  • Final inspection before settlement

  • Code Compliance Certificate

  • Chattels

  • Method of ownership

  • Printed terms

  • Title to the property

Signing the Sale Agreement
  • Presenting the offer to the seller

  • Your offer is accepted – what happens next?

  • Property tenure

  • Satisfaction of conditions

  • Settlement process

  • Settlement day

  • After completion

  • Delayed settlement

  • Countdown for home buying

Applying for a Loan
  • A lender’s security

  • Two stage process

Selling Your Home
  • LIM Report

  • Unit titles

  • Appointing a real estate agent

  • Auction, tender, fixed price or private sale?

  • Price

  • The Sale Agreement

  • Buying a new property

  • Electronic transactions

  • Countdown for home selling

Moving Checklist
Other Types of Property
  • Apartments

  • Investment properties

  • Baches, cribs and holiday homes

  • Lifestyle blocks

  • Timeshares

  • Retirement villages

  • Overseas property investments

Protecting Your Investment
  • What to think about

  • Property (Relationships) Act 1976

  • Joint tenancy

  • Tenants in common

  • Joint Family Home

  • Family trust

  • Wills

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Costs for the Transaction

What if it Goes Wrong?
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