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building safety netsViews
Builders - Safety Nets

WorkSafe has issued an industry-wide alert for residential building sites about the dangers of poorly installed and badly made safety nets.

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name suppression questionViews
Name Suppression In Court

The issue of name suppression is a vexed one. It is human nature to be curious. Most of us prick up our ears when hearing that someone has been granted name suppression. This article explores the principles behind name suppression and why some people are granted this, and why others are refused.

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ts innovative photo accessoriesViews
How Private Is Private When Taking Photos In A Public Place
At last year’s Melbourne Cup, a young Kiwi woman had her photograph circulated around the globe after a journalist photographed her antics at the races. 
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Education Ministry Blocks Resource Consent For Fear Of School’s Water Contamination

The applicant, Worldwide One Ltd, is seeking to increase its herd size by 260 cows on one of its five farms. The farm in question is located 2km upgradient of...

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Employment Law Changes

We outline the upcoming changes, announced on 25 January, which include modifications to the 90-day trial period, the restoration of rest periods and collective bargaining.

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Being An Airbnb Host

Before becoming the host-with-the-most with phenomenal reviews, we have set out some key points to check with your lender, insurer and local authority.

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