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51 Sad Breakup Quotes That Make You CryViews
I Give It A Year

Whirlwind romances can be a wonderful and dramatic thing. We’ve all been taken by surprise at some stage in life by a friend announcing a wedding to someone they haven’t...

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Who's Going To Drive You Home Tonight?

The legal limit for driving after consuming alcohol is 250 micrograms per litre of breath or 50 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood.

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woman caring for elderly mother szexynViews
When Grandma Comes To Live With Us

If questions are asked some time later, it may not be enough to say “but that is what mum/dad wanted”.

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Lease Agreement Attorney Hollywood FloridaViews
Commercial Leases - Property Law

While recording those items in writing might be considered by some to be minor and unnecessary or unduly costly, the failure to record those items in writing with your Lawyer...

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building safety netsViews
Builders - Safety Nets

WorkSafe has issued an industry-wide alert for residential building sites about the dangers of poorly installed and badly made safety nets.

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name suppression questionViews
Name Suppression In Court

The issue of name suppression is a vexed one. It is human nature to be curious. Most of us prick up our ears when hearing that someone has been granted name suppression. This article explores the principles behind name suppression and why some people are granted this, and why others are refused.

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