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8 immigration tipsNews
8 Immigration Tips – bite sized for your break

If you aren’t sure, seek advice from an immigration professional before you take any further steps.

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Mental Health in the workforce - Mactodd Seminar

Mental health in the workplace is an increasing concern for many employers. The balance between business commitments and employee workloads is often delicate.

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Immigration update4News
Businesses and Work Visa Applicants. An Immigration “Did You Know?”

The Government has made changes to immigration settings that impact post-study work rights for international students.

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Property Newsletter - Spring 2018

Guiding your offspring into flatting; the great lawyers' fee debate;
Warmer homes for Kiwis; Meth contamination - update 
Foreign residential investment.

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Is Your Rental Safe and HealthyNews
Is Your Rental Safe and Healthy?

New laws came into effect on 1 July 2016 that require landlords to make their properties safe and healthy for tenants.

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Inherited debtNews
Inherited debt? What if your parents die broke?

When you hear the word ‘inheritance’, what is your first thought? Is it positive or negative? Do you think about what you could receive from your parents, or what you...

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