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Property Speaking Winter 2021

Recent Property Tax Changes - Bright-line and interest deductibility

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Commercial eSpeaking Winter 2021

Wellbeing Budget 2021: Key Points - A better than expected economic recovery

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Rural eSpeaking Autumn 2021

Rural Leases - Should be more specific

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Property Speaking - Autumn 2021

Rent reviews in commercial leases Reverse mortgages increasing in popularity Property briefs - Is your property fully insured?

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Trust eSpeaking - Autumn 2021

Succession and trust law changes - Extension of Maori Land Court jurisdiction Trustees' expenses - Should be reimbursed, but no need for extravagance New trusts legislation now in force -...

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Commercial eSpeaking

Raising capital for your business - Some options for offering shares Having a puff at work - Vaping now treated the same as smoking tobacco Covid relief key expiry dates...

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