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Annual Trust review

Our Trust Review is Underway!


We have started the ball rolling on our firm-wide Family Trust Review to help make sure records are up-to-date and Trusts are complying with the legislation. So don’t be surprised if a letter turns up in your mail!

It is important to review your Trust regularly

To keep everyone updated on major changes and decisions (including your trustees, accountants… and lawyers!) trusts should be reviewed after any major changes or at least annually.

We can help you make sure that all the necessary deeds are accurate and on file, all the proper future planning actions are in place, checking the register of key events and decisions, and much more.

Some important questions you should be asking yourself are:

• Do you have a memorandum of guidance for your trust?
• Does your trust owe you money?
• Have you paid off your mortgage?
• Have your family circumstances changed?

Click here for a helpful flowchart  to guide you.

If you have a Family Trust and want to make sure everything is up-to-date, get in touch with our Trusts & Life Planning Team – Clark Pirie, Emma Davidson or Marie Needham.

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