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Want to work in New Zealand? Apply for a Work Visa. There is a Work Visa Guide and various Work Visa options available on the Immigration New Zealand (“INZ”) website.

For skilled migrant and essential skills work visa applications, you will need to understand the relevant remuneration thresholds (i.e. your pay per hour or annual salary) and what your skill level is as determined by ANZSCO. Accordingly, you will need to either provide evidence of relevant qualifications or work experience as a result of what is specified by ANZSCO. Note that if you think your job is one on a skill shortage list, additional experience may be required than is otherwise stated on the ANZSCO website.  

If you are a migrant looking to work in Queenstown, or an employer looking to hire in Queenstown, then the visa application process may be different. For lower-skilled work visa applications, if an employer wants to support a Work Visa application, then they will need a Skills Match Report from Work and Income. However, if the vacant lower-skilled job is on the Queenstown Lakes District occupation exemption list, then you don’t need a Skills Match Report. However, employers will still need to advertise to see if any New Zealanders are suitable to do the work before offering it to a migrant applicant and evidence of this will need to be provided to INZ.

INZ have provided information regarding the Employer Guide and Queenstown Lakes District occupation exemption list.

We are here to:
o Brainstorm with you in order to find out if you are eligible to apply for a Work Visa and under which stream.
o Provide you with immigration advice in relation to your Work Visa application. An employer can help you complete your application form, but they are not allowed to provide you with immigration advice.
o Help employers in relation to hiring migrant employees by offering the necessary guidance and assistance. As we are also your employment experts, we understand your rights and obligations as employers and can assist you with job descriptions, contracts, formal job offers and submissions to INZ. 
o Liaise directly with INZ on your behalf.
o Listen and care. For us, this is an integral part of the process.

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