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Residency Applications

Residency applications


Expression of Interest

Everyone wishing to apply for residence under the Parent category must submit an expression of interest and be invited to apply for residence before they can lodge a residence application.

Expressions of interest will be entered in the Parent category pool under either tier one or tier two, depending on the requirements they claim to meet. Expressions of interest will be drawn from the pool every three months. After this, those who submitted the expressions of interest will either be invited to apply for residence, or have their expression of interest declined.

Two Tiers

Every applicant must meet the requirements for either tier one or tier two was well as the generic requirements relating to family relationship, sponsorship, health and character. Both tier one and tier two applicants must meet certain language requirements and must not have any dependent children.

Tier One

Tier one applicants must have either:

(a) A guaranteed life-time minimum income of NZ$27,203.00 per annum (or NZ$39,890.00 for a couple); or

(b) Minimum settlement funds of NZ$500,000.00 which are brought to New Zealand; or

(c) Adult child sponsor who has an income of at least NZ$65,000.00 per annum (or NZ$90,000.00 per annum with their partner);

Tier Two

Tier two applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. They must have a sponsoring adult child who has an income of at least NZ$33,675.00 per annum; and
  2. If they have other adult children, the children must live lawfully and permanently outside the country in which the parents live.

Tier one applicants will be given priority processing. The number of people who can be granted residence in New Zealand each year under the parent category is restricted to about 4,000 people. There are more people applying each year than there are places available. It can take up to 24 months for an application to reach the front of the queue.

English Language

There has been a “tightening up” on the English language requirements. Applicants must meet at least two competencies of International English Language Testing System Level 4, meet an equivalent requirement or pre-pay English language tuition.

For further information regarding these changes and the other generic requirements for Parent category visas, please contact Rachel Morris at the Queenstown office.

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