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Care of Children

Care of Children

Dealing with child care issues when a relationship breaks down can be a distressing and tense process.

There are generally numerous matters to carefully negotiate regarding the care of your children.

We can assist you to put arrangements in place which will ensure that the child care arrangements run as smoothly as possible for you and your children.

You can apply to the Family Court for a parenting order and depending on your circumstances you may be able to apply for an urgent parenting order.

 A parenting order is a legally binding order which sets out the care and contact arrangements for you and your children. If you already have a parenting order in place, it is important to stick to the holiday arrangements as set out in the order to avoid confusion and arguments unless you can change it without difficulty.

 There are also other alternatives to going to court for day to day care and contact, like mediation or even an informal care arrangement which can be set out in writing.

 Mactodd Lawyers can help you with any issues relating to the care of your children.

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