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Student visa

Student Visas


New Zealand attracts an array of international students every year as a result of our internationally-renowned education system. You may even be able to secure a place in an educational institution in beautiful Queenstown, itself.

Want to come and study in New Zealand or considering it as a study destination for your child? Immigration New Zealand (“INZ”) provides some informative content that may assist you in making a decision.
than 6 months then you may wish to consider the Visitor Visa (link to our visitor visa page).

Otherwise, there are numerous Student Visa options, including:
• Fee Paying Student Visa
• Exchange Student Visa
• Foreign Government Supported Student Visa
• Pathway Student Visa
• Dependent Child Student Visa (for those under the age of 18 years)

We are here to:
o Brainstorm alongside you in order to find out whether a student visa is right for you and if so, which stream you should apply under.
o Eliminate a lot of the stress involved in applying for your (or your dependent child’s) visa by guiding you through the process.
o Let you know whether you can support a partner in your application on a visitor, work or student visa.
o Assist with preparing and submitting your application.
o Liaise directly with INZ on your behalf.
o Listen and care. For us, this is an integral part of the process.

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