Residence Class Visa2

Residence class visas


If you would like to live in New Zealand permanently, you must first obtain a Residence Class Visa which will entitle you to live, study and work indefinitely in our beautiful country.

There is more than one route to residency in New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand (“INZ”) offers a Self-Assessment Guide (INZ1003) which outlines the various Residence Class Visa streams available and the relevant requirements you will need to meet under each stream.

We are here to:
o Brainstorm alongside you in order to find out whether a residency application is right for you and if so, which stream you should apply under.
o Eliminate a lot of the stress involved in applying for residency by guiding you through the process.
o Assist with preparing and submitting your application.
o Liaise directly with INZ on your behalf.
o Listen and care. For us, this is an integral part of the process.

Many of us, including our immigration specialist, have gone through the residency and/or citizenship application process ourselves.

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