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Post-Study Work Visa

Post-Study Work Visa 


Please see our Article  to the relevant changes to the employer-assisted work visa which came into effect from 26 November 2018.

Immigration New Zealand (“INZ”) have also provided information relating to these changes on their website. 

If you have obtained a recognised qualification in New Zealand, then you can apply for a visa to work in New Zealand in a job that relates to the major subject area(s) of your qualification. This is now called an “post-study work visa”, as opposed to an “employer-assisted post-study open work visa”, meaning you are allowed to work for any employer in New Zealand.

If an employer is insisting that you must remain in employment with them for the duration of your time in New Zealand or you think they are imposing any unfair obligations on you, then please get in touch with us today.

You must meet the requirement that your job offer is relevant to your qualification. Please see our Article. 

You must not include a partner or dependent child in this visa application, but they can apply for visas based on their relationship to you.

We are here to:
o Brainstorm with you as to whether a Post-Study Work Visa is right for you.
o Assist you with preparing and submitting your application.
o Preparation of a separate submission toward proving that your job offer is relevant to your qualification (as a result of a request for this information from INZ).
o Liaise directly with INZ on your behalf.
o Listen and care. For us, this is an integral part of the process.

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