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Debt Collection & Unpaid Judgements



Debt Collection

Mactodd handles all sorts of debt collection matters for clients. Our team is well equipped with experience in the debt collection field including proceedings in the District and High Courts. We are able to provide assistance with statutory demand proceedings where the solvency of the debtor company is questionable and similarly with bankruptcy proceedings where the debtor is an individual. Our team can provide cost efficient legal advice on all debt collection matters.

If you are interested in speaking to us about debt collection, please contact us or complete and forward our debt collection instruction.

Unpaid Judgments

If you have obtained a judgment against someone but have not received payment, we can help. Mactodd can advise on the best approach to obtain payment of the judgment, including (but not limited to):

  • Charging orders
  • Garnishee proceedings
  • Order for examination
  • Seizure of chattels

Our solicitors are available to appear at Order for Examination hearings and regularly attend such hearings before the District Court.

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